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Drake & Farrell

Lifecycle management has become an important part of asset value protection for every organization with larger numbers of fixed and mobile devices. In order to safeguard value and uptime, lifecycle solutions should be considered. Product selection, onboarding, repair & refurbish options and the management of the logistics flows, forward and reverse, become more important each day.

Often the ICT department plays a pivotal role in providing these solutions without the available toolbox to do this effectively and efficiently.
Drake & Farrell and her Czech subsidiary Lifecycle Lab, provide a broad range of services ranging from logistics and warehousing to screening, refurbishing and repair.

Most electronic devices can be managed in a way that optimizes uptime for the users and secures value for the organization.

Annually Drake & Farrell handles over 1 million individual devices;  From customized configuration to sustainable end of life solutions, it is all part of the Drake & Farrell toolkit. Cost reduction and sustainability play an essential part in the development of our services.

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